Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life changing events will bring blog back online and back on track

The past couple of years has been hectic, and it has impacted my blog I'm afraid.  Changes are coming that will hopefully bring back a few hours of available time for me to pick this blog back up and continue with it.

For right now, let me share some photos from the 4th of July.  These trucks have 4 wheels, but what mighty wheels they are! :)   I also have a couple of links on the bottom for a couple of videos I took of these trucks.  It was awesome!!

I'm very much hoping to be back to my 18-wheeler photos very soon, and I can't wait.

Hope you all had a happy 4th.  Stay safe out there!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

TBT - Vintage Mack Trucks - "The forgotten ones"

On Thursdays, #tbt, I like to browse vintage trucks until I see something that catches my eye.

Today I went looking for vintage Mack trucks.  The ones that caught my attention were the ones that were overgrown and "left behind", so I decided to put up a small photo collection of "forgotten vintage Mack trucks", photos that I've located around on the web.
These trucks used to be the big deal in their heyday, they were the new trucks of their time at some point and now they're overgrown and abandoned in various barns and remote areas, just like today's "big deal" trucks will be at some point in the future.

Anyway ..... they were glamorous in their time, but like any old movie stars, they always deserve another turn in the limelight ..... :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

NASCAR haulers in town!

NASCAR haulers are in town!

NASCAR Haulers - Lineup at Ontario Mills Mall
So it was a regular Wednesday evening, we were driving around trying to figure out where we
wanted to eat, when a sea of glistening chrome appeared before me.  At first I was like "oh cool trucks" and then I started paying attention to their trailers.  Turns out NASCAR is in town!

I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but I AM a big 18-wheeler fan (in case anybody missed the memo), and a real-life super-collection of NASCAR haulers definitely is worth putting off dinner for!
I was in hog heaven as I walked around and looked at all these trucks!! What a nice sight it was!

It became clear to me that most NASCAR haulers seem to prefer the International Lonestar, because there was an army of those! Obviously a stylish and attention-grabbing ride, so that makes sense.


#19 - Mike Bliss , Kenworth NASCAR Hauler
Favorite NASCAR driver? I never had one, since I am not a NASCAR devotee, but I guess my pick for NASCAR favorite would have to be based on these trucks.

Despite the flaws very little design on the trailer (yet), and the glaring Toyota logo (I'm a Ford girl myself ...), I'd have to go with #19 Mike Bliss as that was the only KENWORTH hauler out of the bunch!

#14 Tony Stewart - Bass Pro NASCAR hauler

But you better watch it Mike, best not get rid of that Kenworth!  The "Bass Pro" trailer for Tony Stewart is a close second, simply based on favorite shop and he also has a cool NASCAR Peterbilt hauler -- a very close 2nd choice ;-) )


My favorite overall truck design had to have been the FedEx truck!
#11 Denny Hamlin - FedEx NASCAR hauler

I just loved their "Race Car box", it's very clever, simple and clean design, love the optical illusion of the folded cardboard box with the car in it AND the detail of the shipping label was a very cool highlight!

#11 Denny Hamlin - FedEx NASCAR hauler shipping label

Cheez-It and Pest Control!   Let's just say I hope you never experience both at once.

EAT IT - Cheez-It!


Still .... bugs and food don't normally mix BUT the trailer looks cool, we'll let it slide ;-)

Anyway ... no matter how you pick your NASCAR driver or what sponsor you are a fan of, here are the best photos I took of the NASCAR haulers from Ontario Mills, CA!  Click away & Enjoy!!
(Note: Due to my lack of NASCAR knowledge, the below drivers/sponsors were mostly looked up in Google, so I sincerely hope I did not get any of them wrong, but if I did, my apologies!)

#1 - Elliott Sadler - One Main Financial

#1 - Jamie McMurray - McDonalds/Cessna

#4 - Kevin Harvick - Budweiser

#6 - Trevor Bayne - Advocare
#10 - Danica Patrick - GoDaddy

#6 - Darrell Wallace jr. - Ford EcoBoost

#14 - Tony Stewart - Bass Pro

#16 - Greg Biffle - Cheez-It/Ortho

#17 - Carl Edwards - Fastenal

#16 - Ryan Reed - Lilly/Drive to Stop Diabetes

#18 - Kyle Busch - M&Ms

#11 - Denny Hamlin - FedEx 

#19 - Mike Bliss - Toyota

#19 - Carl Edwards - Stanley

#20 - Matt Kenseth - Dollar General

#40 - Landon Castill - SNAP

#42 - Kyle Larson - Target

#44 - David Starr - Zachry 

#60 - Chris Buescher - Roush Fenway 

Various Truck Groupings