Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eye catching trucking companies - Steven's Transport

I just love these trucking companies & logistics companies that spend extra time & money in overhaulting and customizing their fleets, so that when you spot their trucks driving down the freeway, you KNOW which trucking company it is without even having seen the logo. For me, because I'm a bit of a weirdo ;), it goes even further than that. I'll spot some of these trailers and I won't only know which company they belong to, I also pretty much remember what type of trucks are hauling the trailers.
I mean, truly, their trucks are nothing but a huge rolling billboard & advertising for a company, if the company is able to put together a nice look that can be recognized no matter where they drive.

One of my very favorite trucks that I see out on the highways are the ones that come from Steven's Transport. With their big, shiny trailers and their black trucks, not to mention that very stylish & elegant logo they have, it just really makes for a very nice & eyecatching package. I'll be sitting in traffic, and all of a sudden I'll spot the Steven's Transport trailer and at that point I'm just dying to move forward so I can pass the truck and get a good look at it.

Oh yeah ... uh .... forgot to mention one little detail .... these trucks are usually big black (or dark blue) Kenworths ... *blush* Whose to say I'm biased? lol.

It so happens the Steven's Transport has the largest fleet of Kenworth T2000 in the country. (Does that mean that they have the largest fleet of T2000s in the world? I don't know but I'm tempted to assume so...). For a Kenworth fanatic like me, that's pretty cool!! I found an article from 2005, and that point they had 1300 T2000s in their fleet and were about to expand it with another 600. Boy do I ever wanna go on a shopping excursion with Steven's Transport!!! :-)))

Seriously, other than the superduper stunning and fierce-looking Kenworth trucks they have, what caught my eye about Steven's Transport is the really awesome color coordination between trailer, truck and logo. It's just a perfect set, it can't be missed and although I personally get excited when I see Steven's Transport, because most likely it means I'll be able to drool over a nice black Kenworth for a few seconds, other motorists are also bound to recognize Steven's Transport when they see their trucks on the road.

Below are a few photos of Steven's transport trucks ... since I'm not usually in a position to take photos when I pass them, I've borrowed most of these from -- I hope they don't mind :)