Thursday, July 21, 2011


I was driving to guitar practice today, and as I entered the mall where my classes are, there was a fierce big rig parked in the parking lot there.  Luckily it was Thursday night so the parking lot was fairly empty and I took a spin around to take some photos.
Unfortunately all I had was my phone, but it takes decent photos so I got some to show off.

I guess I should mention that when it comes to 4-wheelers, I'm 100% a FORD girl! I have a Ford truck myself that I spoil rotten and love like I love my pets lol, so no wonder I got excited when I saw this one....


Friday, June 24, 2011

Wide Load ... and then some!

So I'm in this Facebook group called "Big Trucks Big Rigs" and they post a LOT of awesome truck pics in there.   The most fun ones are the "wide load" ones from various countries.  I have collected a few of these photos to post on the blog here. 


Monday, June 20, 2011

Singing Truck!

Someone posted this video from YouTube, it's corny but pretty cool anyway so I'm sharing it with the trucker world :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Kenworth just posted this picture on Facebook, I found it pretty cool so I plainly stole it and wanted to re-post it here.  (Not to mention it's now my desktop picture on my PC here at work ....)

It's a Kenworth T800 being eaten by the World's heaviest plane, Antonov 225.

Oh how I wish I could've been there with my camera..... :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great West Truck Show

Well... it's time for me to start attending some shows. Truly, I can't wait.
Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of truck show out here on the West Coast, but I recently discovered that there will be the "mother" of all truck shows going on in Las Vegas this year, which is the "Great West Truck Show".

For those interested, it will be held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, from June 9th to June 11th. It looks like it'll be pretty spectacular, and yours truly is already checking hotel prices to see how cheap I can get away with going there for ;-))

(Maybe someday, 18wheelbeauties will be famous enough to get comp'ed for articles... until then ... it's out of my own sorry pocket :-))

If anybody is going to be attending with their trucks, let me know, I'd be happy to write up pieces on you & the rigs. Any great tips on exhibitors that are worth taking a special glance at is also welcome. It will be my very first truck show where I'm actually going with the intent of gathering blogging material, so ideas are welcome.

I really can't wait. This will be very exciting.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I-15 - Vegas Bound!

I recently took a trip to Las Vegas. If I had my wish, I'd hang out the window all 4 hours it takes to drive there, because there are so many trucks on the road. Unfortunately, hanging out the window is uncomfortable.... dust and sand, bugs in teeth etc.... no fun. lol.
I quickly figured out though, that our windshield was clean enough for me to take photos of oncoming trucks. Between that and the side mirror, I was able to get a few cool truck shots... and here it is... a pure truck photo blog... no stories.... just pictures. Enjoy.

Unmistakable Golden trucks, CRST is approaching through the joshua trees.

Passed the McDonalds truck... unfortunately I just got the grill, but that's just as well...
the burger photo on the back of those trucks would make us hungry anyway.

Cool Volvo, even though the railing, it came out as a fairly neat photo.

Coming up on a heavy load
Catching the front end in the sideview mirror.

Here's a cool photo I caught of this truck as it's driving ahead of the storm.
Line of trucks leaving Las Vegas... most likely California-bound.
Swift heading in to Vegas.... love the never-ending roadway ahead.
I guess you could call this a glimpse into a trucker's life, eh?

Swift & a nice view of the surrounding desert scenery

Nice KW - California-bound.

Giant big rigs look so tiny next to these desert hills... :)

Nice KW 900 on the roadside

The blue brigade, part 1.

This is posted @ the Mad Greek in Baker ... just in case you were calcing how much longer till you hit the Greek Islands...
Row of trucks @ the Mad Greek.

KW passing underneath an overpass in Baker.

Blue Brigade part 2

Nice glimpse of an International Lonestar, followed by the unmistakable orange Schneider Freightliner.... :)

Oversize load - a Komatsu mining truck heading through the desert.

We pulled off the freeway for a few so the oversize load could catch up.... here it is again, trying to get some better photos of it )

Here's the oversize in my sideview mirror.... it's being transported by a trusty KW.

And here it is....... the Vegas skyline! Love this sight ;-)