Thursday, July 18, 2013

If trucks stopped ....

Here is a great infograph that was posted on Facebook, I'd like to repost here in my blog.

Like I stated somewhere else, I surely hope that desperation would force humans to think of other solutions if this was to happen but it probably wouldn't happen until we were all dead or nearly dead so ... there you go.  We need trucks!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Train on Truck

It was with mixed feelings I witnessed a big rig hauling a train car yesterday as I drove in to work.  It was excited to see it, it was a great sight to see that big ole' train car on top of the Peterbilt truck, which was moving at a snail's pace of course.  I was also frustrated because since I was driving, I was not able to photograph this sight.   It's one of those moments where I wish I had a camera attached to my car and could just push a button when I see stuff like this.

As I pulled in to work, I noticed that the train car had actually come from the business next door to ours, and there was a SECOND train car being loaded on to a truck.  These two train cars have been there forever. I'm trying to find out where they went yesterday, but so far I've been unable to successfully search the web for the removal of these train cars.
Anyway, during my break at work, I walked across the street and watched the event for a few minutes, along with quite a few other spectators.  I was able to shoot a few pics with my phone as they loaded the car on to the truck. 

Enjoy the photos. I will try to see if I can figure out where the cars went (and see if someone else got photos of the transport), but for now, the below is all I have ....

I think this pretty much proves that big rigs ARE the king of transport ..... don't you all agree? Short of blowing these train cars up, how else could they possibly have been moved if it wasn't for the trucks .... :)