Monday, June 28, 2010

Kenworth T700 .... & more ...

I ventured to one of my favorite websites the other day, which is .

This, by the way, is definitely a proof that I was not wired correctly at birth... lol ....
According to society I should be worrying more about the new spring line from Coco Chanel & the newest line of Coach purses, and I should certainly not muddy my girl brain by checking out the new models from Kenworth .... Alas, I am what I am, which means that I find myself spending hours clicking through the trucks on or or whichever make catches my interest (or my eye).

So, it was Kenworth that was on my mind this time! During one of my daily commutes, I had spotted the truck that is pictured below, and I mistakenly thought it was a previous model (such as a T660) that had been updated with a new grill. I went to their website to check out their new line and it turns out that this is an entirely new Kenworth model, namely the Kenworth T700! I think it's exciting when a new truck is born, so I figured I'd share my joy!

Anyway, the shape & styling of this truck is apparently not only for cosmetic reasons, although Kenworth never fail to make their trucks look stunning and the T700 is no exception.
According to the brochure, the shape of the truck creates the lowest aerodynamic drag in the history of Kenworth trucks. Other new money saving technologies (and I'm sure those are much welcome & much needed!) include a special material on the bumpers & chassis that doesn't require new paint jobs, they are fade & impact resistant, which means less trips to the shop:)

Other stats:
8 ft Cathedral ceiling
60 cubic feet of interior storage
96 inch head room

If you want to read more about the T700, please click here for the brochure. It also has more photos of the truck & the interior.

(And just for the record, no I do not work for Kenworth LOL .... this was written voluntarily for no other reward than some cool new personal knowledge of a great new truck on the road ;-))

OK ... so while I was at it, I figured I'd look up some photos of the 2011 truck fleet from Kenworth... There aren't that many 2011 photos out there yet, I think I'll need to visit a local Kenworth dealer on my own & bring my camera :) Hopefully they won't be too disappointed when they find out I'm not in the market for a truck!

I did find a few photos though, and they are displayed below:

2011 Kenworth T660

Here's an entire row of 2011 Kenworth T660s in every color. Looking good!

2011 Kenworth T800 - love that bright green!!

Anyway, finally I found a really cool montage on the Kenworth website of all their truck models! I'm sad not to see the T2000 on there ... could it be that the T700 replaced the 2000? (I can't think of any other reason for the T2000 not to make it on to the montage ....).
Even without the T2000 (*sniff*), this montage looks very good, wouldn't mind a full-size poster of this up on my wall somewhere, alas sadly these photos are too small to blow up & print.

Ok... guess I better head over and see which Jimmy Choo's are in this year. ...

Heck, who am I kidding ... next stop Peterbilt! ;-)

Have a nice day ... be safe!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eye Catching Trucks: United Van Lines - Golden Eagle Moving Services (Upland, CA)

I've noticed that the trucks and the trailers for moving companies are usually pretty spectacular!
Obviously I'm not expert on this particular subject, it's just an observation I've made through the years .... I have no idea why moving trucks have all those extra drawers & trailers that almost reach all the way down to the asphalt (I call them "skirts" in my head lol... I'm fairly sure that's not a valid term!!), but they look nice! (If anyone is in this particular niche of logistics & would care to enlighten me on the subject, I'd be most interested actually :))
Anyway, most Mayflower trucks certainly are headturners .... North American have some pretty sweet rides, as do United Van Lines.

As a truck enthusiast, I feel pretty lucky to have a logistics company right around the corner from where I live! The company is Golden Eagle Moving Services (United Van Lines), and they have some really nice trucks!! If I still live here when I retire, I'll probably camp outside their truck yard & stare at their semis all day long ... lol. (Not creepy at all, I'm sure ... of course I'll be an old blue-haired lady at that time so I may not be seen as a threat ;-)))

For now, I just wander up there with my camera every now and then and catch some of the trucks they have sitting out there. I pass their drive way on my way to and from work every day, and I always make sure to peer down the road where these trucks are parked sometimes to see if there's a beauty sitting out there. Below are some photos I took of a couple of their trucks, I'm sure I'll have more eventually.... (And if anybody who reads this is actually working @ Golden Eagle & you see some chick out there with a camera, don't worry... I'm really only photographic your trucks for my own enjoyment! :))

Anyway, here are 3 of their trucks as caught by my lens on a few different occasions. There's a Freightliner & two Kenworths - a T2000 & a T600 (if I'm not mistaken ...). Enjoy!