Monday, March 22, 2010

Is that really an International???

I saw this truck on the freeway yesterday. First I watched it drive by as I was heading down the on-ramp and it's massive grill caught my eye. My head was spinning and I was thinking "What the heck was that truck??" When I finally got on the freeway, I stepped on the gas in order to catch up to this truck. Normally that wouldn't be difficult, since trucks normally go 55mph and this one was no different, but it was a Sunday and you know what they say about these Sunday drivers ... they were out in force!

I was finally able to roll past the 18-wheeler. The mudflaps on the truck said "International" ... and I was thinking "no way"!!! Turns out the mudflaps didn't lie! It was indeed an International. This was my very first encounter & sighting of the International Lonestar.

Now, I don't mean to bag on the International trucks, but apart from the occasional Eagle that I see, I find that International trucks don't really stand out that much when it comes to design. That's why I was so surprised and thoroughly impressed when I found that this beautiful specimen of a truck actually was an International!

Visiting International's website, I found that the Lonestar truck was originally inspired by the 1939 D-series. Inserted is a photo of a D-39.

Now go ahead and compare it to the following photos of the International Lonestar, which I borrowed from They have a lot more photos of the International Lonestar on their website, I just picked out a few to show for my blog :) You may want to roll on over there once you're done with these photos & check out the rest of them.

Please enjoy & please refrain from drooling on your keyboard ...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eye catching trucks: Steelcase

I love companies that put thought & effort into making their trucks look good and make an impression as they roll down the highway. After all, it's literally a rolling billboard! (Of course, I DO realize the value & reasoning behind unmarked trailers, don't get me wrong.... )

One of the nicer looking trailers I see around is Steelcase! Love their dark blue trailers with that rainbow colored logo, usually pulled by a dark blue or black truck! Below are some Steelcase photos, they are borrowed from .... (LOVE that site! :))

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heavy load!

Someone on Facebook posted this very cool photo, I had to steal it and post it here! What I wouldn't give to see this transport coming up the road!!