Thursday, February 28, 2013

Truck Tattoos!

I was very excited when I checked my email to find that a couple of ladies had sent me pictures of their TRUCK tattoos!!! :-)

The first one came from Angela.  After consulting with a tattoo artist, he drew up this original tat for her: "Rubber duck meets Peterbilt" :)

Another email came from Traci, who send me two pics of her tattoos, also Peterbilt (but no duck!:))
Love the detail, especially the bottom one.

Thanks for sharing your truck tats, I love it! Anyone else with truck tattoos, feel free to email me, I love to see personally, and I think it's fair to say a very large percentage truck enthusiast are also fans of tattoos so we'd love to see more :-)

Car carrier spins out of control - creates light show

Probably not such a great moment for the poor truck driver .... but definitely an interesting video.
The light show is a good finale, but I'm also intrigued by the surroundings (like the person running across the street, probably the fastest he has ever ran in his life ..... and the car bouncing off the car hauler in the end...)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi guys!

I realize I have been terrible at responding to comments made on my blog posts, and for that I sincerely apologize.

I love hearing from everyone who read my posts, and all your comments are very positive and some very informative, I truly appreciate it and I enjoy kicking back and reading them all!  There's just not enough hours in my days lol, in addition to blogging, there's that pesky 9-5 job that gets in the way a lot ;-)

I promise to be more on top of communicating with my readers, especially since we all share a big enthusiasm for vehicles that roll on more than 4 wheels :-)  I truly enjoy looking for pictures and stories to share with the truck enthusiasts out there, and I need to make more time for fun projects like this one.

It's a little late for a New Years resolution but ..... then again, those don't really last long, do they?

Thanks everyone for reading and posting, it's great to hear from you.

And now ... off to ponder what to put up here tomorrow.... I'm guessing something big rig related ;-)

(And in honor of resurrecting this blog, I've changed my header picture .... beautiful Kenworth C500 ... haven't actually seen it on the road so I stole a photo from ... hope they don't mind!)

Back on the Internet Highway

Due to some personal issues, I've had to put this blog on the back burner for awhile.  Driving in to work today in my 4-wheeler, as always admiring the big rigs as I go along, I thought it a shame that I'd kept this blog inactive for so long when there are so many truck pictures to be posted, so many truck stories to be written .....

Let's start up with some cool truck pix I've found around cyber space .....  Enjoy!

I don't necessarily want one .... but it's cool looking :)


Mmm.... yeah.... 1 cow power?

My favorite transport ;-)

Sometimes you're too hungry for your own good .... Oops!

Welcome back everyone! I promise there will be more!