Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great West Truck Show

Well... it's time for me to start attending some shows. Truly, I can't wait.
Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of truck show out here on the West Coast, but I recently discovered that there will be the "mother" of all truck shows going on in Las Vegas this year, which is the "Great West Truck Show".

For those interested, it will be held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, from June 9th to June 11th. It looks like it'll be pretty spectacular, and yours truly is already checking hotel prices to see how cheap I can get away with going there for ;-))

(Maybe someday, 18wheelbeauties will be famous enough to get comp'ed for articles... until then ... it's out of my own sorry pocket :-))

If anybody is going to be attending with their trucks, let me know, I'd be happy to write up pieces on you & the rigs. Any great tips on exhibitors that are worth taking a special glance at is also welcome. It will be my very first truck show where I'm actually going with the intent of gathering blogging material, so ideas are welcome.

I really can't wait. This will be very exciting.


Recycled Honda parts said...

Yes you Are Right truly That is the Mother Of All Truck!:) I really like the Way You express your thoughts!

Semi trucks said...

Great West Truck Show. really i have read so many post of west is so heavy then other trucks.the post is amazing but put some pic.... of trucks to show....thanks

Propane Engines said...

I actually have been wanting to see a truck show like this for awhile now. Seen a few of the pictures and I know I have to go next year!!