Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why a blog about big rigs?

Since I moved to the US, I have developed a fascination for big rigs.
I’m not sure where this fascination came from or when it was developed. The only one in my family who is a truck driver is my father’s cousin. I remember he came to visit us once as he was passing through town. He parked his rig in front of a local grocery store, and when he was leaving, my brother and I were allowed to climb up and check out his cabin. It was very cool.
I remember that. Finding a bed in the back was surprising to both of us, and we realized that the cab of a big rig is more like a small apartment. Since nobody else in my family drives a big rig and I had no other big rig experiences that I can remember, that must have been the moment when I was smitten with these big trucks. I just didn’t realize how bad it was until I moved to the United States.

I grew up in Norway, and most of our big rigs are Scanias or Volvos. Due to measuring regulations, they’re also mostly cabovers, so the variety of trucks isn’t that great there. Here in the US, the variety of trucks is huge and the customization that is performed on some of these rigs is amazing. Some truckers invest a lot of time and money into their trucks, decking them out with lights, murals, custom coloring, tall smoke stacks and polished rims. I love it. (I guess it comes as no surprise that “Trick my Truck” is one of my favorite shows…)

Despite my fascination with big rigs, since I’m not around them, I don’t have that much knowledge about them. I know the various models of course. My favorites are Kenworth and Western Star. They’re gorgeous. There’s a little game I play when I’m stuck in traffic, I try to guess the model of a big rig just by its contours before I pass it. Seems silly but it has really increased my skill in recognizing most of these trucks on the spot and it gives me something to do.

In addition to liking big rigs, I also love blogging, and I thought, what better way to learn about the ins and the outs of big rigs than to blog about them!

So that’s the brilliant basis for this blog. The intention is to learn more while blogging about a subject I like. I plan on posting random thoughts, facts and information about big rigs as I think of them. Maybe I’m the only one who will ever benefit from this blog, but I don’t really care. I’ll enjoy developing it and learning something new in the process.
Note: I'll be taking photos on my own that I will be using in my blog, but for now, I'm using photos I find on the web. If you are the owner of any of these photos & would rather not that I use them or would like me to give you the credit you deserve for your photo, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.


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