Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Rig of the Week: King Off the Road

Today's post was inspired by some funny photos I received in my email today. The photos were actually a series of funny "Ooops" moments type of photos, but as the truck enthusiast that I am, I went straight for the big trucks.

I couldn't stand only posting the photos without researching this truck some more. After all, this blog is for educating as much as for entertaining. I knew this was a mining truck, due to the blog post I wrote a while back about the Liebherr (The world's largest truck), so I swung by Google and found out some more info on the particular truck below.
I've posted a couple of regular photos of the truck here, but the funny photos as well as an awesome video clip of a Cat 785D doing a donut. That's impressive!

Caterpillar 785D Mining Truck

Maximum load: 150 ton

Overall body length: 37 ft 9 inches

Overall height: 38 ft 9 inches

Width (Canopy): 22 ft 1 in

For more stats & info on this machine, please visit http://www.cat.com/cmms/images/C482772.pdf

It's a PDF file that'll tell you everything you need to know about this big guy!

So....... maximum load for this truck is 150 ton ... it's hard to even imagine what the weight of this boulder could be.

Suppose this driver cut off the wrong truck?

Below is an awesome video of a driver doing a donut in a Caterpillar 785D
Now that takes some skill!


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Anonymous said...

The truck with the large rock is a Komatsu 830E, 240 ton truck.......

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