Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to empty a trailer

My attention was recently directed towards Youtube, to these wood chip trucks and the way they unload these trucks and this is pretty crazy!

Apparently it's a cheap & efficient way of dumping out all these wood chips, but holy toledo, I'd seriously be worried about my truck if I had to send it skyhigh like this.

The drivers are not in the trucks by the way, in fact, as mentioned on one of the videos, they are usually the ones strapping down their trucks & handling the hydraulics.... that way if something goes wrong with their trucks, nobody else can be blamed .... (Makes sense!)

Anyway... below are three videos I found that were pretty cool. Two of them show the wood chip dumping from a distance so you can see the profile of the truck as it's jacked up into the air. The second video is shot from the rear so you can watch the chips as they are unloaded.

Pretty crazy stuff.... fascinating to watch. I tried to find some more info on this way of dumpting wood chips, but all that comes up in my searches are more However, if you read the comments on the videos, there are actually a lot of information there regarding braking systems & why they dump it this way.

Grab the popcorn & enjoy .... and by all means ....

KIDS (both big & small!)! Do NOT try this at home!! =P

Here's another video shot from the rear so you can see the chips dumping out....

And finally another clip from a thrill ride called "wood chips trucks" ... the person who shot this added a sound track to his film. :)


Dewey Brown said...

I worked at a Frito Lay plant one time and saw the truck dump up close. It was pretty amazing the first time I saw somebody use it. Great blog!
...Dewey Brown!/profile.php?id=100000011645348

Three Wheelers said...

I have seen lots of this, but never up close. What holds the truck weight back when at such an angle. I am assuming its not tied down and the tires are probably sitting in some ruts or something.