Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Stars and Stripes!

Went to the mall for some Christmas shopping and passed this gorgeous Kenworth T2000 on the way in. Parked outside Chevy's... which tells me that not only does this trucker have good taste in trucks, he/she also make excellent choices when it comes to culinary delights! :-)

On a sidenote, I must say I love my new phone, it has a camera in it and now I'm truly prepared for any gorgeous truck that crosses my path.... like this one.


2011 acura rdx said...

Great pics. its a nice drawing on truck. its look a different truck in other trucks. such a great work.

Evelyn Polanco said...

That truck is a beaut! The colors and the design really rock, and there’s no doubting the owner of that truck is a true patriot and American. I’m pretty sure it can haul a large trailer effortlessly too, and it also seems like it has a pretty spacious cabin.