Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giant Rock transport!

I'm going to try to make it home in time to photograph this today.  This looks awesome. A giant rock, 340 ton, was moved 105 miles from Riverside, CA to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, it moves only at night at 5 mph.   Tonight it's parked within minutes of my house, I'm HOPING hoping hoping to take my camera out and get a few shots of it.

(Hey if it starts moving before I get there, I guess chances are I could catch up to it ...... :))

I WILL keep you posted and of course post photos if I get there in time to do so.


harish cena said...

First of all, it is a very nice picture. I think, you should have taken some shots of Riverside, CA to the Los Angeles country,Museum of Art,it moves only at night at 5 mph.
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