Monday, May 14, 2012

Road Trip Tips!

Ok so this post is a little bit besides the normal ones I usually write, but I found it interesting.

Inbetween the spam and the nice offers of sexual enhancements of various sort that I receive in my email, I actually do get a lot of nice emails and some with suggestions for blog topics. 
I will happily accept blog topic ideas, because although I could post truck pictures every day and most of the ones reading this blog wouldn't get bored with that, it's nice to vary it a little :-)

Now, this one obviously advertises Atlas some, but I found that it was an interesting infograph they had put together. I know I have a lot of truckdriving readers coming through this blog, so hopefully you will find this interesting and hopefully also helpful :-)

Also, here is a link to the complete survey that was given:

And a link to an article about the survey:

Very excited to see Kenworth voted best tractor ;-)  And also surprised to see Subway as #1 Fast Food. Nice and health conscious choice :)

Anyway, there are some interesting questions and answers, I hope you'll enjoy it and perhaps benefit from it :)  Thanks to Jill for once again an interesting blog topic idea!


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