Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oversize Load!

Oversize load, probably a PITA for the truck driver but it's quite fascinating to me what can actually be stacked and transported by big rigs.  It beats me how trucks can even move under the weight of some of this cargo, and even more so, how the heck can a driver maneuver their vehicle with these kind of loads!

Anyway .... I thought I'd scout the web for some interesting oversized cargo, so here we go .... Enjoy!

Let me start with one I witnessed first hand.  The below photos were taken during a 340 ton rock move.
You can read about it and see more photos here:

Another traveler came across another heavy transport of an unknown type in Wisconsin.  He counted a total of 92 tires - 32 on the bogey, 14 on the tractor and 48 in the rear.

Below are some random Oversize photos from the giant pool of pictures that is called the internet!
The first one must be one of my favorite ones, very cool black and white heavy haul!
From the original page it says:

"This is a 1955 Scammell Contractor of Wynns pulling an oversize load a generator transformer on its way to CEGB High Marnham Power Station in North Notts in 1959."

Enjoy these pics! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those equipments are really big! My father told me that those equipment are using for moving heavy stuff like vehicles and machines. I wish I could see those things personally!

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