Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fun - Big Rig Playgrounds!

So it's Friday and I wanted to post something fun.  As I browsed around, I came across some interesting playground equipment that I know I would have loved to investigate as a kid.  (Heck let's face it, I'd love to play with them now too:) )

So enjoy your weekend, if you are at home and nearby any of these fun toys, check them out.

This one is located in Cook Forest, Pennsylvania, it's called the "Big Trucks-Big Fun Playground"

These photos below came from various vendor website, so just google them if you are interested in a big rig slide for your backyard and I'm sure you'll find a couple of websites of interest :)


Not technically playground equipment, but isn't this kite cool??? 

Have a fun weekend! Go find yourself a truck to play with =)


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Anonymous said...

loved the article bud. nice rigs u got there ;)