Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Rig of the Week - The Circus Comes to Town!

These aren't particular good photos and the big rigs are nice but they are average, however it's a rare opportunity I get to actually photograph big rigs who bring so many memories, not only to me but to anyone who has ever seen a circus, either live or on TV.

Maybe as a kid, you were scared of those white-faced clowns with the creepy smiles and they would give yuo nightmares for several weeks to follow. Maybe you dreamed of being one of those cool acrobats in glittery costumes (that's before you knew what "running away and joining the circus" actually meant in reality....). Or maybe you just loved watching the pretty horses and funky animals performing and if you were lucky, you could pet the animals after the show. Most of us have some sort of connotation to the circus.
Personally I remember going to the circus with my family... my mom, brother and dad, sometimes friends would even join us. We'd get popcorn and sodas, some would get cotton candy but I never cared for that. It's way too sweet. Then we'd sit in a smelly tent for a couple of hours, but it was magical ... it was like stepping into a different world for a couple of hours while watching magic acts and breath taking stunts. I realize now that even as a kid it was great to escape reality once in awhile.

So ... the truck of the week are actually two trucks (to make up for last week when there were It's a Freighliner and a GMC pulling circus equipment and animals.

So... The circus is in town. It must have been 15 years since I went to the circus. As you can see, I never made it into the circus tent here.... but they're here for one more week, so perhaps next time I'll make it past the big rigs and in to the actual show ;-)

(Note: I actually didn't stand outside the entire night and take photos until the sun came up... I came across these truck at night so I took a few shots, then came back to take some better ones during daylight the next day....)

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Ororina said...

Ikke akkurat Circus Merano... ;)