Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big Rig of the Week - Killer Transport

So far, I don't have a big collection of big rig photos that I've taken on my own, so I decided to create a "Big Rig of the Week" series as a motivation for myself to get out there and photograph trucks.

I'll post a new photo each Sunday Night/Monday morning.

This week, I am posting a couple of photos that I took while I was back home in Norway on vacation this fall. Let me show off this truck before I explain any further:

Here is the big rig, about to pass us.... Not really sure what that says about my brother's driving ;-) I guess I owe it to him to say that he was driving slow so we could enjoy the scenery.
My husband, who is an American, was a legitimate tourist after all! :)

The rig is a Scania R470 by the way. Scania is one of the major big rig models roaming about Norwegian roads. Due to truck length regulations, most trucks in Norway are cab overs.

It turns out we were surpassed by Death. Literally. "Toten" in German means "To Kill". In Norway, Toten is actually the name of a city but nevertheless... as legit as this name is in Norwegian, I'm not sure how much business these guys are getting from Germany.

Luckily, he kept moving.....


Marie Reed said...

Your new blog template looks fabulous! Perfect with a capital P!

Laila said...

Thanks Marie :-)

It's nice to know a weekend spent with Adobe and html has paid off :-)