Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Rig of the Week - New Toy for the Upland Fire Department!

We were out running errands around town today, when my eyes veered off the road and on to a bright red fire truck it its ladder pointing about 100 feet skyward.
The eye candy was strategically placed along the side of the road to draw attention to the firemen who were walking up and down among the cars stopped at the traffic lights. Each fireman was holding a boot, taking donations for Jerry's Kids, a charity dedicated to kids suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.

(For more information on this check out , or you can Google "Fill the Boot" campaign and read more about this particular charity....)

I didn't have my camera with me, ironically enough since I ALWAYS have my camera in my truck, just incase a fancy big rig should happen to catch my eye. So we decided to go home so I could get my camera, and at the same time we fetched our jar of coins and poured all the change into a bag. If these firemen wanted full boots, then by george, who are we to stop them from achieving their goal?
We drove back down to the firetrucks, at this point I was probably drooling a little.
Sure the truck had caught my attention from afar, but up close, it was just beautiful!
We handed our bag of coins to the fire captain and he told us that the truck was brand new and is not even in service yet. They had borrowed it for the weekend, just so they could draw some attention to their charity event, but the truck was due to be returned back to the factory for more upgrades and finishing touches before Upland can become its home for good.

The truck is a Pierce fire TRUCK. The ones we normally call "fire trucks" are infact only a fire ENGINE. This particular truck is actually a TRUCK, which is a first for Upland. The photo below to the left is an engine... which is basically an engine attached to 4 wheels... The photo below to the right is a truck...which is an actual truck / bob tail if you will, hauling a "trailer"... in this case I guess it would be the ladder and all the fire equipment.

Representatives from the fire department have been involved in the design of the fire truck, having made several visits to the Pierce factory in Appleton, Wisconsin to make their input regarding features, whistles & bells for this new truck.
One of the custom features they got is the red banner on the ladder with the gold leafed Upland Fire logo.

The ladder can support 1 firefighter per section, as well as 2 firefighters at the very top of the ladder. Normally, a 100 foot ladder can only support 1 fireman. The structure and design of this truck allow for several men to be on the ladder at once, which needless to say will make it much easier and more efficient to rescue people and bring them down the ladder.

Below are a few photos of the truck.... If you want to see more, you can visit:


Jessi said...

That it too spiffy!! And thank you for the education, I always wondered what the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine was.

Harry Trucker said...

congratulations to the Upland fire department.
what a machine.!!

Fam. Verkaik said...

Hi Laila, at the end of my blog there's a section to translate the page. its not perfect but good to read...Greetings from the netherlands

Harry Trucker

Kath said...

This is awesome!

DrKeithCurrie said...

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