Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dedicated to the Kenworth!

(Note: There are a lot of photos in this blog, so if it loads slowly, this is why ... Let me assure you though, that these beauties are well worth the wait. A lot of the photos were borrowed from )

The Kenworth! Ah......the Kenworth .......

To me, no truck glistens as beautifully under the sunlight as the Kenworth does.

I was driving to work this morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly, shiny grills of Kenworths were beaming at me as I passed them along the way. There’s something about the design of the Kenworth that is so beautiful… all their models are really classy and well-designed in their own way.

My favorite Kenworth is the W900. (As you can see, it is no coincidence that this very truck is the one displayed in my blog heading...) I love that gorgeous, big, shiny grill. When it rolls up on my bumper in rush hour traffic, it’s delightfully intimidating. This truck is so majestic, especially if they’ve been polished and cared for in a way that a W900 deserves to be pampered!

Then there’s the T600 … and I’m not sure that a big macho big rig, nor a macho truck driver, would want to hear this… but the T600 is sooo cute! (If that makes me sound too girly, so be it….it IS cute!)

With that stripe down the middle, the nose is so small & dainty and with the big head lights (i.e big “doe eyes” or "puppy eyes") it’s simply adoreable! There's no better word for it.
(But let’s be clear however, it IS a big rig… it’ll crush your little Honda Fit in a second, so don’t let it’s cute & innoscent appearances fool you…)

The T600’s big brother is the T660. It’s not quite as cute as the T600, it’s bigger and has more muscle, it’s certainly more intimidating than the 600.

It's fun to observe the different styles as they've evolved through the years. Personally I'm a bigger fan of the more "square" look that these truck grills used to have, but the new & more "modern" look they have now isn't bad either. This truck is like the "in-between" child in my book ... it's nice looking, don't get me wrong, but between it's oh so cute little brother and it's big & menacing big papa (coming up in next paragraph), it kind of remains a little anonymous...

The “big papa” is the T2000 … I love passing the T2000s on the road, that humming from their massive engine is like some kind of a soothing sound, it’s very relaxing & I wish I could stay next to them and just relax in their shadow for awhile, but we all know that lingering next to a big rig is not a bright idea, so I just resort to passing while turning down my radio for a second.

Ah yes, this is a shallow, shallow blog … but I couldn’t help but blogging about the Kenworth today, there were so many of them on the road this morning and it’s just really nice to have something pretty to look at while stuck in traffic… I know I could write much more about these trucks, such as power and evolution through time and how many awards they have won through the years, but I just really wanted a blog about the exterior today ... Perhaps another day, I'll go more into detail about each model. Today was not that day.
These awesome photos below are from the Wes Kerney Collection and I shamelessly copied them from - if you are a big rig fan, I strongly recommend that you visit Hanks' Truck Pictures, there is a LOT of eye candy there...
Please enjoy the lovely Kenworths displayed below ....


Stanis said...

they are really so pretty! nice pics

Anonymous said...

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