Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old & Faithful!

A while back, I put out a request for photos of old trucks! Of course I love the new shiny trucks that roll down the highway, however I feel the old trucks aren't given enough credit! :) The wear and tear speak loudly of their faithful service on the road, the peeling paint a true tale of lots and lots of miles rolling through wind, rain and snow storms ... Grills with holes in them and lights that barely hang on ... It's the sign of a true warrior!

Anyway, I did get a couple of responses! Thanks!! :) (And I'm always looking for more!)

The first one is photo sent to me by a gentleman named Dale, it is of an old Ford truck, which is really cool since I am a Ford girl at heart! :) The photo was taken in 1991, while the truck was fairly new still but the trailer sure has seen its share of roadway! :)

Another one was actually a magazine scan that was sent to me by a friend of mine. This is a 1953 Kenworth, my friend's father inherited it after a family friend passed away, and he is keeping it alive by taking it to truck shows around the midwest.
Kenworth is my favorite big rig, I was very excited to get these magazine pictures!

Gotta love these old trucks... (as long as they don't break down in the lane as you're coming home from work in the afternoon.... lol .... even though, oh well ... sh!t happens, right?? :))

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