Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arizona Trip - Part 1

We recently went on a vacation to Arizona (Flagstaff, Grand Canyon), and boy oh boy was there ever eye candy for a truck enthusiast such as myself. I was in danger of contracting a case of whiplash as we passed truck after truck after truck after truck for the 7 hours or so that it took us to get to Flagstaff.

Still not equipped with cameras on my sideview mirrors (That'd be cool, that way I could take pics while I drive!), a lot of nice photo ops passed me by, however I did manage to get quite a few nice photos anyway.

Outside our motel, there were several big rigs parked over night, and also we were lodging right next to the I-40, so I went outside early in the morning & was able to catch quite a few beauties as they whizzed by above me on the freeway.

I wanted to post a few of my photos here. There were a LOT of them and I've split them up to avoid big rig overload ;-) (Is there such a thing?)

Anyway, below are a few shots from AZ and there are more to come in future posts.

Most of the ones below were taken really early in the morning, sun is barely up. It was great!

My favorite line :-) Steven's transport. Finally managed to get some pics of my own :)

More Steven's transport...

... and another one ... or two :)

Beautiful W900, love how the morning sun hits the rooftop.

The reflections in this photos kind of messed it up but it's a W900 so I couldn't help but include it anyway! (Yep, that's right, it's my blog, I'm entitled to play favorites ;-))

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