Friday, December 4, 2009

Photos: 1996 Freighliner Classic

I love it when I open up my email and there are truck photos waiting for me! :) Better than Christmas if you ask me, especially since Christmas tend to get a little less fun as a person grows up ... truck photos are always fun, no matter what age you are ;-))

This week, I got a couple of really nice emails, full of wonderful truck pictures & I can't wait to post them all.

Today's truck was emailed to me (well not the truck itself unfortunately, but the photos anyway), it's a very nice-looking 1996 Freightliner Classic.
I'm excited to get good photos of Freightliners as I don't have too many of those... I really don't know why, I see quite a high number of Freightliners every day ... maybe it's just the idea that I always see them around so I'll get to photographing & writing about them some day ... :)

Anyway, check out the nice pics below, this is a very nice rig indeed! :)

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