Friday, July 2, 2010

Truck Replica: Snowman's Rig from "Smokey & The Bandit"

The following post has been one of the most fun ones I've delved into since I started this blog!
It turned out to be about much more than just the truck (and I don't mean to downplay the importance of the truck here... this IS a truck blog after all!!).
What I mean by that is, once I started digging in and reading up on info that was provided to me regarding this truck project, I kept finding so many new & interesting facts and I have been introduced to a whole new world I knew nothing about prior to this. So cool! This is the very reason I started this blog in the first place, to learn stuff!!

Anyway, I hope you find all this as interesting as I did and if you don't, then at least scroll down and look at the photos of this awesomely fabulous truck that is a direct replica of Snowman's Rig!! It's gorgeous and deserves to be ogled!

It all started with an email I received from a gentleman named Greg and he had included some awesome photos of a truck he has been working on (along with other crew members).
It is a beautiful replica of Snowman's rig from "Smokey & the Bandit"!
And who, first of all, doesn't love Smokey & the Bandit! Seriously ... if you're into trucks at all, you have to love this movie ... I believe that's a requirement :-)I loved the photos of this truck and as soon as I was done admiring the truck and had wiped the drool from my keyboard, I emailed Greg back & he gave me more links & more info about this truck & their project. That's when I realized that this truck is not just about the truck itself. These guys have embraced the entire Smokey & The Bandit theme to its fullest and not only that, they are keeping Jerry Reed's memory alive by aiding projects he was passionate about, and these are project who doubt are near & dear to most truckers & Americans in general.

Jerry Reed
(I purposely chose a non-Snowman pic of him, as his accomplishments in life were many & mainly in music!)

Portion of the proceeds that are received from shows that they participate in go to charities that were near & dear to Mr. Snowman himself, Jerry Reed. These charities mainly revolve around raising funds to aid veterans and their families. I find it pretty amazing how their interest for the movie has led them on this journey together, to replicate not only the truck, but other vehicles from the movie as well (some are included in the photos below), and then giving back to charities that Jerry Reed himself was passionate about... it's a complete circle.

One of the main projects in focus is the Wounded Warrior Project.

I had heard about the WWP packs before, which are backpacks delivered to wounded soldiers who end up in military trauma centers. The packs include comfort items such as phone cards, clothes, toiletries etc, things that will help make a soldier's stay at such an institution a bit more comfortable.While reading about the WWP, I found that they offer a variety of other services for wounded veterans and their families, such as counseling, mentoring, programs that help wounded veterans get back to work... as well as many other programs and projects.
One of their most intriguing projects is the one called "Project Odyssey". It's a 5-day retreat designed to help soldiers deal with combat stress by putting them to work in an environment where they are surrounded by nature, for instance they'll stay at a ranch for a week, herding cattle . In case you want to read more, I will post the link to the WWP website at the end of this post.
(After all, I don't want you running off to other websites before you've seen all the fabulous photos of Snowman's rig!! :))

ANYWAY, back to the truck!! This truck was a collaboration between several individuals. People from all walks of life joined forces and made this truck happen! According to Greg there were a lot of obstacles and problems along the way, but he says he'll do it all over again in a heart beat! :) (Sounds really cool ... I'd love to be a part of something like that at some point in my life... sounds like a great time despite all challenges that came along.)
The group met at the Bandit Run in 2007 and the dream of a full-size replica started over a 1/24 scale model... now it's a reality, isn't it! :) (See that? Everything is possible!)

Because the truck is being used for the Wounded Warrior Project, the Kenworth was purchased by an anonymous Bandit Runner and given to the "Snowman" team in order to complete Snowman's rig.

Both this KW and the other cars in the photos below attended the Bandit Run in 2009.
The Bandit Run is a re-enactment of the "Smokey and the Bandit" journey from 1977. The first reenactment happened in 2007 and the event has become an annual tradition since then.

(A link to the Bandit Run will be posted at the end of this blog...)

This is so cool... through this blog, I've been introduced to an entirely new world I had no idea existed! Makes me wonder what else is out there.... :)

Ok, let's see the photos!!

All these photos are of the replica, all vehicles in these photos are replicas, none of these shots or vehicles are from the movie itself!

Buford's car, the famous Trans Am and Snowman's Rig

I cropped out & inserted this close-up of the grill ... I really love the worn-out KW emblem...
Is that bullet hole by the way?

As far as I know, this is from a show ... & he didn't really get pulled over by a cop ... (Although if I was a cop I'd be tempted to, just to get a look at this truck :)

Jerry Reed's family, which are very much connected with this project, checking out the truck
(or are they waiting to raid the Coors crates? hehe :))

Love the Jerry Reed graphic on the door panels.

A closer look at the Jerry Reed graphic that is displayed on the door panels of the truck. Looking really nice!

Ok, here are a few links where you can read more about the WWP, as well as the Bandit Run and this truck, including info on how to get in touch should you wish to book them for a show.

The Snowman's Trailer - Official Snowman's Trailer Graphic (website still under construction). Available for sale will be t-shirts, posters & you can also get a quote for your very own custom Snowman Trailer Graphic :)

Smokey and the Bandit Models - info, photos and also info on how to get in touch with these guys to book them for shows.

The Bandit Run - photos, videos & lots of info about past & upcoming runs!

Wounded Warrior Project - more info about the WWP.

Kevin Morgan Designs - website of one of the co-owners! And I must say, for having 4 wheels only, this Concept TransAm is sweeet :)

Creative Color Graphics and Print Studio - the custom vinyl graphics for Snowman's rig was printed by this company.


bucket trucks said...

It;s beautiful and it deserves to be ogles I agree absolutely.The truck is completely made to look like sheer beauty and it would be an awesome treasure in the trough.

Truck Rental said...

It is very beautiful truck. The Truck with beautiful design on its wall. It is too big also. I wish I will get married in such type of unique truck.

Christian Overbeck said...


my name is Christian, I'm 25 years old and I come from Germany. My English is not good, I'm sorry for this.
I've been many years a big fan of "Smokey and the Bandit" and I think it's a great thing to have rebuilt the truck. It is a beautiful memorial to Jerry Reed. A big congratulations to all who made this possible.
Sometime I would like to travel to America to see the truck and also visit the original locations. That would be a dream ...

Greetings from Germany!
Christian Overbeck
ch.overbeck @

pauldarlow said...


My name is paul darlow and i live in England i been a big fan of smokey and the bandit for many years when i heard the bad news about jerry reed i was heart broken when jerry played the part the snowman he was the best actor in the world and no one will never take his part of the snowman there is only one jerry reed i will miss him and he always be in my heart and i give u my heart to the family and his friends from paul darlow thank you

Alex said...

Great blog! I've always loved Mack trucks.

Anonymous said...

Jerry's tour bus is for sale right now at: All original condition too. Great work on the site.

Anonymous said...

long live truckers everywhere and godspeed to ya
keep the metal to the pedal
lay the hammer down
This is your angel guardian in diesel pirate ship

my handle is guardian angel
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hammer down... I knew Jerry, loved his music and listened to most of it during the twenty years I put behind the wheel lookin over the hood of my rig. Keep on truckin an keep the Snowmans memory alive.
Montana said that.

Wonder how many people out there remember me an my green Large car pullin a reefer outa the Big Sky?

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