Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in Business!

Kids! Work! Working on my first published novel!  It all gets in the way of what really matters...


I saw this photo on Facebook today and I wanted to kick start back into gear again by posting it.
I have some Vegas truck-photos (I didn't make it to the convention last year, but I'm hoping to make this year's!) and some photos that friends have sent me, so I'm off and blogging again.

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there (if there are still anybody out there..... :-)) I promise, I'm like a bad penny, I will ALWAYS be back! :P

Harley big rig?

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Clorinda Disimone said...

This is probably created by either truck or motorcycle enthusiasts…or both! How will they call this? Is it a motor truck, or a truck cycle? Hahaha. Whatever it is, it’s one big, hot ride.