Friday, May 3, 2013

Room and Respect!

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, I thought I'd repost it, not only on the FB page but here on my blog.

I can't say how many times I see fellow 4-wheelers speed up so trucks cannot merge in front of them (despite trucks having blinkers on), or follow so close, the truck driver can't possibly see that they are there.

OR .... the classic one is, I'll slow down to let a big rig merge in front of me and a 4-wheeler swoops into the spot that was saved for the truck and almost causes an accident!! (And it's no thanks to the driver of the small car that those accidents were avoided).

Being a truck driver is no doubt a hard profession, as well as a much needed profession... how else would we receive our merchandise.   Why not contribute to making a trucker's life a little easier by following the mantra in the picture above ..... Give them room.  Show some respect.

Just a thought .....


galen nikolaidis said...

What a heartwarming post! Thank you for sharing this. You're right, being a truck driver or heavy machinery operator in not an easy work. All drivers should be responsible for themselves in avoiding accidents not by blaming the truck drivers. detroit diesel colombia

Laila said...

Cool machinery on your webpage Galen! :-)