Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Rig of the Week - "Wind Spirit"

Ok so my big rig of the week...has become more like "big rig when I have time to post it".... so sorry about that. I carry my camera with me so I can capture big rigs when I see them, so I do have a lot of nice ones lined up for my big rig "of the week" series.... maybe someday, it'll actually be a weekly posting once again.

This beautiful Kenworth was parked a few blocks away from my house. We were driving home one night after dinner, when I spotted the rig and had my husband turn around and go back so I could photograph it. The photos are a bit dark, I'm still working on my photography skills as well... but you can clearly see the beautiful airbrushings on the side of this Kenworth.
It was sooo gorgeous, I know my camera and I can't possibly capture the real thing the way it deserves to be captured, but we did our best.

I love it when truckers put so much heart & soul into their big rigs... this rig is obviously very personal to someone, the drawings and the names associated with them has to mean something special to the person who is roaming the freeways in this beautiful truck.

Here is the front, showing the gorgeous Kenworth grill.... gotta love it:
Showing off the entire side of the rig. The airbrushings are on the front, above the Kenworth logo and on the sleeper cab, to the right of the smoke stack.

Here's a closer shot of the front of the truck, showing the airbrushing a bit better:
Here is a closeup of the airbrushing on the front. I know it's hard to see from this photo, but the writing underneath the painting reads "Wind Spirit"

Here's a picture of the second air brushing.

Below is a photo of the airbrushing which I tried to lighten a little bit in photoshop, just so you can see the actual picture better.

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