Friday, May 8, 2009

Seeking photos of worn out trucks!

Got a big rig with peeling paint and a bumper that’s not quite hanging on, or maybe there’s a gaping hole in the grill? If so, I would love a photo of it!

Up till now, I mostly have photos of perfect, new and polished rigs on my blog.

I want to put up some worn out big rigs that show marks of a long life on the road. These trucks deserve as much dedication as those new ones that just rolled out from the manufacturer, just because their feathers are a bit ruffled doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have their time in the spotlight.

Anyway, I would love photos of old & worn out big rigs, feel free to message me here or you can email photos & big rig stats & anything else you want to share about the truck to the email listed below. If you have a website, I’d be happy to display the link when I post the photo of your truck.

My email address is

Thank you very much & Stay safe out there!

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Ray Smith said...

I have the truck for the past few years